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Time… it’s the most valuable thing we have and yet every day you sit in time sucking; nail biting, unorganized meetings that waste your life.

Evolve is about smashing time wasting culture through innovative software that allows organizations to monitor and track meeting efficiency across role, team, function, region and organization. The software allows your team to plan time efficient agendas and feel empowered with a working feedback loop.

Let’s break it down:

  • 2.5 The average number of days a senior executive spends in meetings each working week.

  • $37 billion - The overall cost of unnecessary meetings for U.S. businesses last year.

  • $60 million - The amount a fortune 100 company calculated to have wasted on unproductive meeting activity in a year.

  • 62- The number of meetings most employees attend each month.

  • 31 - The number of unproductive hours employees waste in meetings each month.

  • 60- The average number of minutes companies schedule for a meeting.

  • 11 - The number of minutes the average person can pay attention before the mind starts to wander.

It was sitting bored in yet another pointless meeting that we decided to do something about it… and evolve the way we do business...
— Rex Pemberton

This software is the cutting edge of meeting productivity and will allow you to quickly identify time wasting meetings that are eating into your bottom line.

Its time to Evolve

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