Rex Pemberton

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Rex Pemberton is the founder of Evolve Meetings. His facilitation experience spans 15 years, multiple cultures and all seven continents. Rex is a specialist in educating teams on creating clear vision, building powerful cultures, thriving in transformation and leveraging innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Rex address thousands of business leaders each year at world class organizations and major conference events. Consistently the top rated speaker, Rex shares insights and inspires audiences through his accessibility and story telling expertise. 

Rex is one of few people in the world to reach the peak of their sport in multiple disciplines, not just one. He holds multiple world records across a wide platform of extreme sports, from mountain climbing to base jumping and wingsuit flying. He evolves constantly, setting stretched targets, leading high performance teams, balancing risk with reward and constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition.

Watch Rex in action:

β€œRex? Simply Exceptional. The best keynote I have ever attended.”
VP Panasonic