What We Do

Since 2002, we have been designing and delivering effective and interactive meetings. 

Evolve provides consulting services for leaders and their executive teams who want to tap into competitive advantage that comes from building healthy organizations.

Engaging Expertise, Keynotes, Immersive Learning and world class facilitation are combined to create powerful experiences, events and long-term learning journeys.

Our Vision

To evolve organizations.

Our Mission

To create ripples through words, thoughts, wisdom and action.

What We Deliver:

Inspiring Keynotes . Immersive Learning . Facilitation

Inspiring Keynotes

Rex is a leader in the science of Peak Performance. His speaking experience spans 15 years, multiple cultures and all 7 continents. Whether you're rolling out a new culture initiative, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought-provoking, engaging and relevant keynote address for your group, Rex can help.

Rex leverages his own lessons of personal leadership as an exceptional adventurer to deliver inspiring keynotes that engage participants on both a rational and emotional level. 

At the age of 21 Rex reached the summit of Mt Everest, making him one of the youngest people, and the youngest Australian, to achieve the feat. He used this experience to lay the foundation for completing the Seven Summits – climbing the highest mountain on every continent. He is now building a jet-powered wingsuit and evolving human flight as we know it today!

Rex partners with senior executives from all over the globe. A few of his key clients include:

Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Blackrock, Google, EMC, UBS, BMC, Adobe, Oracle & many more.

Rex has been the recipient of the Adventurer Of The Year Award twice and his successes have been featured on CBS, Sunday morning, 60 minutes, Outside Magazine, Outside Television and Australian Geographic.

As one of the nations best adventure speakers Rex will engage and inspire your audience.

Rex can deliver two different keynotes. Each keynote can be delivered as a 60 minute presenation or alternativly a 90 minute interactive workshop.

Mt Everest Keynote

 Rising To The Challenge explores:

  1.  Team Alignment
  2.  Trust
  3.  Culture
  4.  Strategy
  5.  Execution in a changing environment


Innovation Takes Flight

Innovation Takes Flight explores:

  1.  Operating in a competitive market
  2.  Innovation and creative thinking
  3.  Transformation from a competitive landscape
  4.  Collaboration and Teamwork
  5.  Identifying and redefining risk
“Rex is a remarkable man and his achievement in climbing Mt Everest speaks for itself. His stories of preparation, determination and overcoming the significant challenges en-route to ultimate victory are captivating and extremely motivational.
— Richard Walker VP Consumer PC

Immersive Learning

In strategic partnership with Peak Teams, Evolve uses Immersive Learning to emotionally engage people through metaphor. This creates a powerful platform to examine decision-making, explore team dynamics and help retain key insights. All of our immersive learning experiences focus on building team success in rapidly changing environments. Our team is made up of world-class adventurers and we use their experiences to build compelling simulations and workshops.

Immersive Learning allows an audience to emotionally engage with a concept while giving them an opportunity to apply and retain new information through a simulated experience. It is one of the top 10 leadership skills of the future, according to Bob Johansen at the Institute for the Future.


Mountain Theme

In a rapidly changing environment, with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, how do teams and leaders:

- Align behind and chase large compelling goals

- Focus on building a powerful culture by creating guiding principles and behaviors

- Strengthen trust, collaboration and communication in a global environment

- Balance risk and reward

Mountain simulations include climbing the treacherous Mt. Cook range in New Zealand, or attempting the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.

Meeting Facilitation

We have partnered with clients all over the world to help design and deliver energetic, passionate and relevant meetings that drive outcomes and results.

- We'll help you align teams behind goals, objectives and strategic priorities

- We'll help you build a culture of discipline, accountability and mutual trust

- We'll help your organization transform and rise above the competition

- We'll help you develop a shared model for executing in a changing environments

Thank you for your facilitation help creating the vision. Without your ideas and process we would not have built as compelling a vision, nor the grass roots support for it. It is truly what is keeping the function focused and on track.
— VP Hewlett Packard

Graphic Capture

Graphic Capture is the real-time, visual drawing of content at a leadership experience. Artists actively listen to your discussion and synthesize the content. Your words are transformed into illustrative text and visuals. This improves retention and recall of key messages, engages teams visually and creates a narrative for your event.